Myrtle Beach Cell Phone Repair

We understand that when your cell phone is unusable, it can be very frustrating. Depend on us to get you back on track quickly! Looking at text messages and pictures through a broken iphone screen can be frustrating but you shouldn’t have to replace your entire phone just because one part is damaged. So from water damage to screen replacements, our expert technicians at A1 Cell4U can take care of it.

We offer fast and reliable repairs on all smartphone devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, and all other major make and models. Most repairs can be done the same day, providing our customers with the best possible turnover rate around

Cracked Screens

If yoursmartphone is the victim of shattered glass or cracked screen, stress any longer. We have glass same-day replacement service for nearly every phone!

Battery Issues

When your cell phone battery stops holding a charge, many of your day to days tasks can be interrupted. We'll get it up, running & charging in no time!

Charging Ports

Charging ports are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard on the port and move, bend, or damage internal components.

Front & Rear Camera

Few people carry a camera as a separate device today. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all.

Home Button Repair

Have you left the home screen on your phone only to find out you're unable to return? Broken home buttons can disrupt your ability to use your phone.

Water Damage

Water damage can cause significant problems with the delicate internal circuitry in your phone or another electronic device, leaving it completely inoperable.

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