Myrtle Beach Tablet & PC Computer Repair

Remember, it's not just "if", but WHEN something happens to your tablet or PC...but don’t panic. A1 Cell4U to the rescue! We'll explain the problem in terms you can understand. We understand that your tablet or computer are not just tools, but also your way of life. Whether you are using your Tablet or PC to communicate, socialize, run a business it very well may be the most important, vital and crucial element to your success.

Our clients rely on us to keep them in business and their devices connected and running. We have a staff dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for your business so that you can spend your time efficiently.

Slow computer? Virus troubles? Laptop or tablet not powering on? Need hardware or software upgrades? Lost valuable data? Cracked screen? Battery or charginbg port issues? Or even if you've forgotten your password, no worries! We've got you covered! Call A1 Cell4U today for fast and reliable repair service!

LCD & Cracked Screens

Taking your laptop on the go means you might hit some bumps along the way. And even if you baby your machine, screen issues can pop up over time.

Virus Removal

Is your PC plagued by frequent crashes, freezing, performance issues, or other strange error messages? Call us, our certified techs can help.

Data Migration

Personal computers can crash or have a power outage at anytime. To protect your data from being lost it's imperative to get your information backed up.

Upgrades & Installation

Does your PC take too long to boot? Need help installing a new version of Windows? We're here for all your upgrade and installation needs.


From time to time, things may stop working the way they should, and it may be hard to know what exactly needs to be done to fix your issue.

Fan & Fin Cleanings

Dirt is the main enemy of PCs. Dirt blocks air flow, causing the system to run hotter and less reliably, or overheat and cause more problems.

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Don't have time?   Don't Panic!

Mail-In Repairs