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Affordable Reliable Repairs in Myrtle Beach

Low cost cell phone repair, computer repair, laptop repair, tablet repair, game consoles and more!

Affordable Reliable Repairs in Myrtle Beach

Getting You Back up and Running Fast

Our Fast and reliable service will have you up and running in no time. Most of our repairs are completed on the same day!

Choose Your Repair

We can repair your broken device, even if you are unsure of what's wrong! Our trained technicians can conduct a free diagnosis!

Choose Your Repair Method

Bring your device to our store, request curbside service, or use our nationwide mail order repair service! To find out more please call us 843-448-1581

Receive Your Working Device

Whichever option you choose, most repairs can be done in 30-60 minutes! Mail-in repairs will be processed the same day as received!

We Fix Them All



Google Reviews

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  • Mark was super nice and helpful. I was on vacation with family who didn’t really want to consider my situation with a broken phone and was rushing the process. He was so gracious about the whole ordeal and got my phone diagnosed quickly. He then gave me a temporary solution to my problem until I could get home and get it fixed! Awesome guy and great service!

    Trisha Watkins a week ago
  • This is a great place to get your phone fixed. We were on vacation and my son needed his screen fixed. Fast and quick service and his phone looks brand new. Thank you. We will be back tomorrow for another phone and iPad.

    Tanya Douglas a month ago
  • I can't say enough good things about this place! We were here on vacation and my wife's screen completely stopped working. I called and spoke with Mark and within a few hours of that phone call, they had her phone fixed for a very reasonable price! Also, excellent customer service. -Travis

    Maverick Sapp a week ago
  • Mark was great! We gave him a call, concerning the repair of the iPhone 11 screen. He told us to come right on in. It didn’t take long at all! Highly recommend their services!

    Clinton McKenzie a month ago
  • The gentleman that sold my husband a bb computer and new cell: was very helpful and professional! I also had a new screen protector put on my phone, now it looks new again! I have a laptop that needs repair and I will definitely be taking it to A1Cell4u!!!! Than you for all your help!!

    Vicky Sams Huggins 2 weeks ago

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