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Why do you go to the carrier store?

Why do you go to the carrier store?


    A majority of people don’t realize that you do not have to go to a major carrier such as AT&T Verizon Sprint T-Mobile and jump into a long contract to get the latest and greatest phones.
    We have them available, certified preowned or new including their respective warranties.
    Also, you have choices to either pay for the phone in full or finance with us and the option to pay down or pay off the phone in full anytime!

    When you enter into a contract with one of these carriers and let’s say you utilize a trade-in program, it makes the deal sound very reasonably priced at that point. What you may not realize is that you can’t! pay down that phone, (without breaking the contract).
    Let’s say you traded in your qualifying phone, and they gave you a $700 credit towards an $1100 iPhone 13 pro max meaning you would be paying a monthly installment with no interest on the $400 (plus whatever taxes and fees)
    Sounds Great right??
    Maybe not.
    Now you have to stay on the monthly payment plan and if you try to divert from that contract prior to its expiration or pay off the $400 before the end of the contract you will be required to pay the full balance of the phone minus whatever monthly payments you have already paid into the plan. You do not get credit on the fees for those months just the principal payment.
    Most people will hold onto the device for the length of the contract feeling locked in which could be as long as three years or wait until the next promotion comes along enabling an upgrade.
    (As time goes by the phone is losing market value.)
    You are now legally bound by that contract. Yes, you can get out of the contract, but you have to pay the balance left in full and you lose your trade in value of $400 and the phone you traded in! Remember you had to mail that Trade in phone back to them or give it up to the sales person at the Carrier store in order to get the deal.

    Our way is simple
    1. This will not happen.
    2. You can finance the phone with us **(with low interest).
    3. You have the option to pay down or pay off in full and own it out right …100% anytime!
    This gives you:
    flexibility that
     you would not have with the larger carriers such as
    • The phone will be unlocked
    • You can use any carrier.
    • You can also privately sell the phone grabbing the current market value if needed.
    • You can switch carriers based on what fits your needs and works well for the area you are in and the budget you have.
    • We can currently activate your unlocked phone on just about any carrier out there.
    So, give that some thought and if you have any questions give us a call and see what we can do for you!
    Thank you
    Mark Belcher
    (Owner @ Cell4u)